Safety Policy

The objectives of Kingstars Groups safety program are to provide a safe and efficient working environment where personal injury is eliminated and property and equipment damage is minimized. The safety program also contends to educate and train employees in current safety issues and practices as well as provide employees with feedback on their individual performances. Through this program, employees will also receive instruction on record keeping requirements in accordance with recognized standards.
    Health & Safety Policy is summarized as follows
  • All Group activities are carried out with regard for the health, safety and welfare of all its employees, and for the health and safety of contractors, sub-contractors and other non-employees and members of the public who interface with the Company´s activities.
  • Health and safety matters are afforded priority within each subsidiary company as a core value in all business units.
  • The Group Board is responsible for formulating the Policy and monitoring its implementation.
  • This Policy is reviewed at regular intervals and revised as necessary.